Other Online Locations


Shapeways Shop


I also maintain a shop on Shapeways where my designs are made to order. There you can get...

  • Other Metals - I only offer silver here so if you prefer a different metal like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or even platinum, my Shapeways shop is where to go.

  • Custom Ring Size - If the design you are interested in doesn't list your size, you may be able to order it from my Shapeways shop which offers more ring size options, including half sizes. Contact me if you don't find your size on Shapeways as it may be possible to add it in just a day or two.

  • Out of Stock Designs - If a ring design is out of stock in your size here, you can head over to my Shapeways shop to place an order right away. If you prefer to order here on BoxThoughts let me know what design and size you would like me to restock. The restock time varies and depends on the number of restock requests I receive.


Etsy Shop


My Etsy shop offers a subset of the items that are available here on BoxThoughts.